Calcutta Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Science

(College of Nursing, College of Management & College of Education)

Supported by: INC,HNSC,KNC,WBNC,UGC,NCTE, Regd.Under West Bengal Paramedical Association


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Director's Desk

Director's Message

The establishment of Calcutta Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Science for providing 4 years Degree Course in B.Sc Nursing has indeed been a mission accomplished, a dream realized, a tryst with destiny fulfilled. To meet the demand of acute shortage of clinically trained and academically enriched, qualified nurses in India, we took up the initiative to establish Calcutta Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Science for imparting graduate and post graduate level nursing education such as; GNM, B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N) & M.Sc (N) courses to prepare the students to assume responsibility to provide effective medical care at Hospital and Community Levels. It plays an important role in planning, organizing and co-ordination of Health services at primary, secondary and tertiary level of Healthcare. The College is Suported by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. Karnataka Nursing Council, Govt. of Karnataka. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science Bangalore. The college has assimilated the fact that our students need to be highly accomplished, enterprising, committed citizens bearing in them the capability of generating the World-class results in nursing field. It is not to say that world -class result need World class inputs. Towards meeting such challenges, the institution follows a well thought system of educational initiative include professionally formulated & well-designed methodology backed by academically experienced faculty, adequate and sufficient labs & equipment ,good ambiance and a pragmatic academic aids. Till then we have to incessantly strive. God has blessed us with indomitable will and unfailing courage and we are confident in achieving our goal.

With Best Wishes
Somnath Sarkhel

Other Team Members

Ms.Juhi Roy (B.Sc Nursing)Ms.Priya Chakraborty (B.Sc Nursing)
Ms.S.Sarkar (NS R.N.Tagor Hospital)
Mrs.Rupsa Roy Chowdhury (M.Sc Nutration)
Ms.Sabnam Hamid ( Nursing)
Ms. Mita Das ( Excutive)
Mrs.Sikha Halder (Excutive)
Mrs. Anita Mondal (Excutive)
Mrs. Soma Ghosh (Excutive)