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"To do what nobody else will do, in a way that no body else can do, inspite of all we go through... That is what it is to be a nurse... I am not telling you it's going to be easy, I am telling you it's going to be worth it. Keep in mind studying does not suck nearly as much as failing.. Success is no accident it is hard work, preserver, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all LOVE of what you are doing"-------

Priyanka Rout

Our words matter greatly, especially when we are teachers. To be a great nurse, you have to work hard from the beginning. You aren't defined by your failures, you're empowered by them. A nurse can find great satisification when she will be able to lose herself in the service of others. So choose your career in nursing to indulge yourself in the care of mankind. " Practice is everything , Failure is meaningless"----

Juhi Roy

cinps b.sc nursing kolkata

"Nursing is a profession where you earn money with blessings. In this profession you will see life begin and end, worst and best also. You will step into people's lives and you will make a difference . Nursing is the most rewarding job in the world. Everyone want a happy life but there is always present some obstacle so try to fight and get success."----

Sradhanjali Das

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"A bunch of right answers On a worksheet will prepare a student for making high scores. But solving authentic problems using creativity, thinking and hard work? It will prepare a student for life Nursing education in India has undergone significant change in recent times. It has developed from certificate course to doctorate level and has come to occupy it's rightful place in university education. The recent concept of primary health care the world wide goal of health for all by 2020 AD has initiated changes in the educational components of nursing personnel"----

Lipsa Roul

jenpa nursing

"Nursing education is a profession where students recognize that responsibility. Our institution prepare nurses who will maintain professional dignity, follow ethical principles and hold the patients confidentiality. "Every accomplishment starts with decision to try"-----

Tina Mondal
Placement Co-ordinator

nursing admission

"Education is the process of facilitating learning or skills,values , beliefs and habits. In nursing the education basically focuses on educating health care people about effective ways to deliver the health care to the patient."----

Subhadra Dakua

b.sc nursing admission
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